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Are you experiencing foot pain? You do not have to continue to put up with the pain, come see us today.


Do you, or someone you are close to have diabetes? If so, regular foot care is a very important part of managing your diabetes.


Do you have heel pain? Has it become part of your life? Well it does not have to be.

Welcome to Brampton Foot Clinic

The Brampton Foot Clinic has been established since 1990 and proudly providing service to the Brampton region for over 30 years. The clinic is conveniently located in central Brampton close to all major transit routes.

We offer ample free on-site parking for our patients.

Our Chiropodists (foot and ankle specialists) are committed to promoting foot health (Podiatric/Chiropodial medicine) through the highest quality of patient care, treatment and education. Our services include Foot Surgeries, Gait Analysis, Custom Orthotics and more. Please see our list of services available to you.

Common Foot Problems We Treat


In concept, customized biomechanical foot orthoses are no different from prescription glasses for the eyes. Both custom foot orthotics and prescription eye glasses come in different styles, shapes and corrections. True biomechanical devices are known to….

Orthopedic Shoes

For many people the cause of foot pain comes from the same place; their shoes. Your shoes should fit properly and conform to the natural shape of your foot. Orthopedic Shoes are designed specifically to provide support to your feet and prevent pain in the legs,

Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings look like long socks, and tighten around the ankle and leg to prevent swelling. Brampton Foot Clinic carries exclusive medical-grade Compression Stockings to help your blood circulation and assist in treating common foot and leg problems.