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Insurance Coverage

November 25, 2014Foot Care, Insurance coverage, Orthoticsadmin Most people do not realize that regular visits to a Chiropodist and even custom made foot orthotics are covered by their insurance. Orthotics are very good to support your feet and correct any gait issues you may have. Wearing custom made orthotics will reduce foot, ankle and even any back pain that is resulting from an incorrect gait. There are 2 basic types of foot orthotics that are explained on our Orthotics page. How often have you taken the time to look over your insurance benefits booklet? Do you only research what you […]

Feet Issues In The Winter

Protect Your Feet in the Winter and Avoid These Issues In the warmer weather of the spring and summer it’s easy to spot issues with our feet. Besides the fact that many of us wear open sandals for much of the better weather, we also like to indulge in pedicures, giving us the opportunity to see our feet and nails up close, helping us spot something that might be troublesome, such as discolored nails, or painful ingrown toenails. In the winter our feet are mostly covered by socks, shoes, and boots and often by less flexible footwear such as ski […]

Foot Laser Therapy Treatments

Cold LASERs and Foot Conditions All of us suffer from pain from injuries, accidents or chronic conditions at some point in our lives. Most of us have some sort of arthritis or joint pain, and most people experience some sort of tendon or ligament injury, or simply sore muscles at some point. These things are normal occurances in a busy active lifestyle and our bodies are built to repair them. However sometimes our body needs help, or the pain is so severe that it hinders our daily lives. When your quality of life is suffering, research if cold laser therapy […]


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Orthopedic ShoesOrthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic Shoes

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Compression Stockings

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Common Foot Problems

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