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Foot blister

Foot blisters are a very common problem for many people, especially amongst people who play competitive sports.  Foot blisters can also be caused by new or badly fitted shoes. Blisters on the feet are caused by rubbing of the skin, they are fluid filled bubble on the skin.  The rubbing causes the skin to break down, blisters form and leave the foot vulnerable to infection.

Blisters should not be broken as the skin below the blister is still new and raw, the fluid that covers the new skin helps protect it, giving it time to develop.  If this new skin is exposed there is risk of infection, so it is important to correctly dress and protect the blister if it happens to burst.

The best way to manage foot blisters is with prevention.  Do not wear shoes on bare feet, consider wearing 2 pairs of socks when playing sports for good cushioning, make certain your shoes fit correctly.  If you are susceptible to foot blisters regularly using talcum power inside your shoes, and even taping up areas that are prone to blistering with hypoallergenic tape can help reduce the recurrence of the blisters.

If foot blisters are a severe or reoccuring issue for you, make an appointment with your Chiropodist.  A few things to tell your Chiropodist are;

1. When did the blisters start?

2. When are the blisters at their worst?

3. Is there any common activity that seems to cause the blisters?

4. Do the blisters itch or hurt?

5. Have you started taking any new medicines lately?  Prescription or nonprescription.

The Chiropodist can do a gait analysis that will point to any issues that may be causing the rubbing and can often be corrected with more supportive shoes or custom foot orthotics.

If you suffer from chronic foot blisters there is no need to put up with it, make your appointment with the specialists at the Brampton Foot Clinic.

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