Hammer or Claw Toes

Hammer or Claw Toes usually affect the second, third and fourth toe of the foot. The name is suggestive considering that the toes are usually bent in the middle joint thus resembling a hammer. One of the greatest limitations of having a hammer toe is finding the right shoe, or a shoe that fits. This is one disease which needs to be corrected quickly or the toes may get fixed and would then need surgery for correction.

Hammer toes can be attributed to multiple factors, the more important one being a fondness for narrow toes and high heels. The mechanics being that when heels are worn the small toes of the feet are pushed against the narrow front of the shoe. This leads to contraction of the muscles around the middle joint of the toes and can finally lead to a permanent ‘bend’ at the joint.

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Hammeror claw Toe Brampton