I Have Diabetes

i have diabetes brampton

Do you, or someone you are close to have diabetes?  If so, regular foot care is a very important part of managing your diabetes.

Diabetes affects the body’s healing process. It is common for a small cut to go unnoticed, and become infected. This can lead to many other more serious complications.

Diabetics can benefit from the use of orthotics or orthopedic shoes.  The better quality, support and fit helps avoid things such as:

Relieving excessive pressure. Areas of the foot that are subject to excessive pressure can lead to ulcers and breakage of the skin, and infection. Diabetic footwear reduces the likelihood of the development of an ulcer.
Reduction of shear and shock. Horizontal movement within a shoe is known as shear, and shock refers to the vertical pressure placed on a foot. Both of these physical forces impact the foot regularly. With diabetes this can lead to deformities and other potential complications.
Limit joint motion. Restricting the motion of joints can relieve pain, decrease inflammation and stabilize the foot.

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