Orthotics Brampton

Orthotics Brampton

Why You Should Visit a Chiropodist for Your Custom Foot Orthotics in Brampton

Many people wonder if they need custom foot orthotics in Brampton and if they are worth the price.

Today there are many “off the shelf” products that are less expensive than custom foot orthotics, in fact it seems like everywhere you turn you will see an ad for the latest and greatest in bunion pain solutions and plantar fasciitis cures, to name just a few.

A Chiropodist has the education and experience to determine if your pain can be helped or even cured with custom foot orthotics.

While many people do not need custom foot orthotics, if you are experiencing almost chronic foot, knee, hip or even back pain seeing a Chiropodist for an evaluation is a smart move.

Which Health Care Professional Should You Choose for Custom Foot Orthotics in Brampton?

Many health care professionals are involved in providing custom foot orthotics.  Though Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the only regulated health care providers that have the provision of orthotics in their legal scope of practice.

Health Insurance Plans understand the role of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in providing custom foot orthotics to their patients and thus they allow them to both prescribe and dispense the orthotics.  Many health insurance plans will not allow other health care providers to both prescribe and dispense the orthotics.

Thus by visiting a Foot Specialist, you will have the convenience of knowing that your insurance plan will allow the Chiropodist or Podiatrist to both prescribe and dispense your custom foot orthotics in Brampton.  Just like you would visit an eye specialist for your prescription glasses, it is important to go to a Foot Specialist for your custom foot orthotics.

Custom Foot Orthotics Vs. Off-the-Shelf Products

Considering that every person is different, and walks differently, pre-fab or off the shelf products are not able to take this into consideration, so while they may work for some people, the will not work for everyone.  Many pre-fab devices are made with plenty of cushioning, which will lessen the pressure we put on our feet, often making it seem as if the device is working.  However they are not addressing and correcting the core problem, so eventually the pain will return.

Custom orthotics can reduce the pain caused by bunions, and keep the bunions from getting worse.  They can also treat and alleviate plantar fasciitis, reduce corns and calluses, reduce pressure from flat feet or high arches and many more foot pain causes.  Don’t suffer needlessly, call The Brampton Foot Clinic today and book your assessment, let our team diagnose and treat your foot pain.

For more detailed information about orthotics, and how they are custom made for your feet and your gait, take a look at our brampton orthotics page.  There you can see the process that makes custom foot orthotics more effective than off the shelf products.

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