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12 Steps to Managing Your Feet with Diabetes

12 Foot Care Methods for those with Diabetes Diabetes is considered to be a global epidemic. It’s a metabolic disease that has no permanent cure. Uncontrolled blood sugar level can cause organ damage including skin disorders. Diabetic neuropathy is a disease caused by diabetes that can affect nerve endings located in our foot. Ulcerative blister, gangrene and thickening of the foot’s skin are some common foot skin disorders for diabetic patients. In rare case amputation is required if infection spreads and persists for a long period with discharging fluids. Precautions early on is the best way to manage diabetic foot […]

Top 20 Questions About Diabetes & Your Feet

All The Top Questions About Diabetes & How It Affects Your Feet What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that last a lifetime. It is a disease of the pancreas. Pancreas, located behind the stomach, are responsible for releasing a substance known as insulin into the blood. Insulin is a crucial substance for the body to maintain equilibrium as it helps to use sugars and fats which are broken down from the different types of foods we consume. However, when a person has diabetes, the pancreas either do not make insulin/ make only very little insulin (Type 1 Diabetes) or […]

Living With Diabetes And Managing Your Feet

Managing Your Feet with Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that can bring upon several side effects – especially in your feet. If you are a diabetic person, you might want to take extra care of your feet to prevent them from being affected by your condition. A report by the CDC has shown that people with diabetes who were aged 45 years or older were ten times as likely to lose a leg or foot to amputation as to their nondiabetic counterparts. It also mentioned that 60% of leg amputations in adults in America were of diabetic patients. Two main […]


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Orthopedic Shoes

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